From a young age, I was fond of needlework, making dresses for dolls, dreaming and experimenting. I knitted my first sweater while walking in the shoes of a ten-year-old girl. Over the years, my passion and at the same time also weakness, which was found already in childhood, has not only been able to remain unchanged, but it has strengthened my mission in life. No matter how clichéd this recognition sounds in the melodramas, it could not be more true.

I want to make the world a little more beautiful, unique and elegant. I want to make every woman feel special even on a daily basis. You don't have to wait for an important and big event, a holiday, to feel radiantly beautiful. Every day deserves its own sense of celebration. And I believe that with my unique knits, airy linen collections and thanks to the sophistication of lace and the sensations found in it, I will have discovered the true secret of femininity! That is why I will take a closer look at the brand "Renate Rose" created in my love and with the most ardent sense of purpose.

Renate Rose

Our most important values are quality, natural materials and elegance.

We want every woman to feel special even on a daily basis. Our life consists of everyday moments, events, not just a few holidays a year. Living every day with even a little sense of celebration, the secret of femininity, is more valuable than feeling good only on special days, because that is the true, real life.

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