Christmas reflections and suggestions from Renate Rose.

Christmas comes quietly. With peace, love, intimacy. What is your Christmas feeling? What do you want to experience on this holiday? What is it that makes your Christmas time special? Everyone should answer these questions in order not to get lost in the festive spirit, otherwise, as a result, there will be no joy for yourself or others.

Start with yourself. Of course, Christmas is a family holiday in which we think about our loved ones and people around us in general. However, everyone will really only be better off if we each take care of ourselves first. Remember it.
For us, Christmas means a sense of togetherness, it is both a family holiday and a time of peace and reflection. How was the last year. It is like a prelude to New Year's Eve, much more peaceful and serene than welcoming the New Year. More time to think about what happened.

When it comes to gifts, we certainly won't be one to say that gifts aren't important. Why not have them? Gifts are a beautiful way to show that people care. It is often difficult to do this with words, so giving something from the heart as a gift is a good option. The gift must, of course, be well-thought-out, suitable for the specific person, lovingly cared for, beautifully wrapped, and a handwritten card is the icing on the cake. Too much consumerism is not healthy for anyone, but let's not go down the drain when only children and adults get gifts... Who cares anymore. Be an adult and don't expect gifts! No! We are also the same children at heart, only grown up. :)

That's why we heartily recommend to prepare sweet and warm gifts. In our opinion, things created in Latvia give special value. They are both more special than mass consumption, often also more unique, and in this way you support the small entrepreneur, for whom each of your purchases means a lot. We understandably especially recommend our knitwear collection - a scarf or a hat for a smaller gift, or a warm sweater, jacket, which will warm you so well in the chilly winter evenings, for a larger gift. Very suitable for Christmas - it will give both love and warmth. If it is very difficult to understand exactly what to give, then we also have gift cards available.
However, there are so many entrepreneurs in Latvia who create so many beautiful things. Think about what you want to give as a gift, what kind of feeling to create and think about whether this product is produced by a small local entrepreneur! This way, both the holidays and the next year 2023 will be much more beautiful for all of us together.

Renate Rose tirdziņā

P.S. In December, you can meet us as usual in the studio Kr. Barona 60 and at the Spice Home stand. See you soon!

May we all have this Christmas at richly laid tables, where nothing is missing! Not material things, not the presence of our most beloved people.

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Living every day with even a small sense of celebration, the secret of femininity, is much more valuable than feeling good only on special days, because that is the true, real life...

- Renate Rose