Tips - how to survive the heat?

Is this topic also very relevant for you right now?  🥵  😁
Most of us face this 'problem'. Summer is cool, but still a bit too hot for Latvians, at least for most, right? So let's share the recommendations that help us:

🥵 Work scheduling according to the hottest times of the day. If the work is in the office in air-conditioned rooms, then this will not be relevant, but for those who do otherwise, it is advisable to subordinate the scheduled work in accordance with this. If you have to go out somewhere, it is better either in the morning or later in the evening. Or at least on a windier, cloudier day. See the weather forecast! If possible, take a siesta!:)
🥵 Natural, less sweaty clothing. Forget synthetics! Lin is the best! Linen dresses we still have them available for purchase both on the website and in the studio on site! We put it in the second place cotton.
🥵 Drink lots of water! Quite logical, isn't it?;)) But it really helps to feel better in the heat.
🥵 If you have low blood pressure and it drops even lower due to the heat, which causes weakness and fatigue, coffee helps me a lot. Regular or iced.
🥵 Cold showers! Douse yourself with cold water from time to time, keep your feet in a cold foot bath.
🥵 Cool, wet towel on shoulders, head.
🥵 When you are outside in the sun, be sure to cover your head with a scarf, a hat.
🥵 Move slowly, saving energy. It seems like a funny suggestion, but it helps to do more. At the moment, the saying is useful - the slower you go, the further you will get
🥵 As little makeup as possible.
🥵 Eat light food! Heavy dishes are left for colder weather.
🥵 If possible, simply transfer a lot of work to the cooler part of the summer and go to enjoy the heat by the water. 😁

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